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Unlike acrylic sealers that form a film on the concrete surface, ACT's Penetrating Sealer chemically alters the concrete’s surface by glassifying it to create a clear waterproof resistant membrane protecting the surface from water penetration that causes damage. At the same time, the appearance (color) and texture of the surface is not changed in any way like other sealers do.

ACT's Penetrating Sealer is the highest quality hydrophobic concrete sealer on the market today. In addition to its superior performance, it is also formulated, packaged, and delivered with the environment in mind. Compliant with all federal and local VOC laws, ACT's Penetrating Sealer is an environmentally friendly concrete sealing option. 

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Concrete Sealing

Unless the work was done yourself, your concrete is probably not sealed.  When moisture soaks into concrete and freezes, the water expands almost 10%, causing concrete to crack and flake. If concrete is not sealed, it will deteriorate.  

ACT's “hydrophobic” penetrating concrete sealer protects the surface and infiltrates the pores of concrete, preventing weather and chemicals from further damaging the concrete.  The sealer will not change the appearance or the texture of the surface, nor will it discolor the concrete.

Alabama Concrete Technology makes concrete resistant to salt, ultraviolet rays, and stains and also easier to clean.  While being environmentally responsible, concrete surfaces are protected from the effects of exposure.

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Letting water penetrate your concrete is just asking for trouble. Water in the pores of your concrete causes all types of damage and will lead to larger and larger cracks over time. Water expands up to 9% when it freezes, pushing against your concrete, creating larger pores, which absorb more water, etc. If your concrete is unsealed, this process will repeat over and over until your concrete is cracked, broken, and terrible looking. By using ACT's Penetrating Sealer, you’re protecting your concrete from water saturation and the resulting damage.

In addition to damage caused by salt and other chemicals, there are many other hazards that can damage your unsealed concrete. Lawn fertilizer, oil, gasoline, anti-freeze, acid rain, and even UV rays pose a threat to your concrete and can lead to severe damage. Protect your concrete and prevent the need for expensive tear out and replacement by choosing ACT's Penetrating Sealer.

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The reason your concrete is ugly (or soon will be) is because you haven’t had it sealed in years probably since it was installed…right? Go ahead, pour some water on it – what do you see? If your concrete darkens-up and absorbs water and turns brown, it's UNSEALED.

By allowing water to get into your concrete, you are most certainly asking for trouble. Water expands up to 9% when it freezes and pushes against the concrete around it, leading to cracks, which absorb more water and leading to even larger cracks. This process repeats over and over until your concrete is cracked, broken, chipped, and flaked. Prevent all of these problems with ACT's Penetrating Hydrophobic Sealer, the best concrete sealer on the market today.

In addition to freeze-thaw cycles and damage caused by salt and other ice melting chemicals, driveways are threatened by a host of other common hazards, including lawn fertilizer, oil, gas, anti-freeze, UV rays, and acidic rain, among others. An unsealed driveway will definitely become a major problem in the future due to rotting, broken, and cracked concrete. By this stage, you’re looking at complete tear-out and replacement, which is admittedly expensive. Save yourself some money and use ACT's Penetrating Hydrophobic Sealer to protect your driveway and keep it looking great.


ACT's Penetrating Hydrophobic Sealer protects concrete surfaces from severe conditions like rainwater, freeze-thaw cycles, road salts, de-icers, and other common hazards. Our Penetrating Sealer penetrates deep into your concrete’s pores and seals the surface to protect your concrete from all types of concrete damage without changing the appearance or texture of the concrete.

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