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Slurry is a 2nd type of mortar wash that is done by completely coating the area with several thick layers.

Slurry leaves a "stucco type" look but still allows the brick texture  to show through. It is typically done with tan  mortar colors.

Mortar wash looks have become increasingly desirable as a way of giving the home a rustic but modern or "shabby chic" look.

A type of mortar wash, German Smear is achieved  tactfully smearing a mixture of mortar and sand on to the brick, leaving some of it exposed. Typically this process is done using white mortar.

You can achieve a variety of looks with German Smear depending on how it is applied and the thickness of the coats.

Expect a more "textured" look with some spots thicker and some thinner.





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German Smear

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Whitewash is a mixture of water and paint.  The thinner the paint, the more the brick color will show through.

Whitewashing is the lightest coating of the 3 types and is typically done in 2 ways;

1) An over-all coat of thinned paint covers all of the brick and mortar

2)  Tactfully coloring area with thin and thick paint and then scrubbing or washing away the wet paint in some areas to give it a worn look.