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B100 Series Blends

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Epoxy flake coatings are most often used as garage floor paint because of its durability and attractiveness.  The coatings also work great on Laundry Room Floors, Basements, Shop Floors, Showrooms, Restaurants, Concrete Slabs, Kennels, Bars, Pole Barns, Retail Spaces, and Interior Floors. 

B300 Series Blends

B300 Series Blends



A poured epoxy floor fromAlabama Concrete Technology is the perfect way to enhance your garagebasementkitchen or workshop. Want to add beauty and value to your home?

Unlike the thin mil painted on epoxy coatings for the “do-it-yourself” or those installed by home centers: our “3/16″ epoxy coatings are custom blended and poured into place providing a thicker, more durable and longer lasting surface. ACT’sepoxy floors are resistant to bacteria growth, water, household chemicals, and abrasions. Our floors are monolithic, which means there are no seams of any kind.

Poured epoxy floors come in a wide variety of colors to fit any décor and can be textured to prevent slippage.

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We only install resin floors and have installed epoxy flooring from some of the leading car deal ships, schools, churches, showrooms, factory floors and hundreds of garage floors.

We stand behind our work!

We are so confident in the quality and integrity of our epoxy floors that we will double the manufacturer’s warranty.

Epoxy floors provide comfort and security to you as a homeowner. Our floors will remain beautiful and durable for years and will add value to your home.

You can always be confident that an epoxy floor installed by
ACTwill be done correctly and to your satisfaction. Unlike the home stores,ACTuses quality, industrial strength materials that will remain like new for many years.

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B100 Series Blends

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