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Circle - 16" Diameter

​Light Emitting Concrete (LEC) Pavers

Call us today and let us help you illuminate your landscaping, walk ways, driveways, or any path you might choose.

Crescent - 18" Wide

4 Standard Sizes

3 Standard Colors

These pavers utilize the ultimate in path lighting technology. Just ten minutes in the sun, these stones will give any path 15-18 hours of illuminating light.

This unique product solves a multitude of path lighting issues for residential and commercial applications.

Available in four shapes and three colors, they are aesthetically pleasing, day or night.



     Nursing homes, assisted living, pedestrian        paths, playgrounds, parks, and more...


     Pathways, patios, pool decks, gardens, and      more..

​Call for a FREE design consultation today!



Square - 16" Wide

Hexagon - 17" Wide

The Ultimate Solution In “GREEN” Lighting And Safety Lighting

  • Zero (0) energy cost
  • Accident prevention
  • Safety lighting for pathways , drive ways, buildings, and houses.