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Make Your Concrete Great Again!

Polished concrete is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and for good reason.  Not only is polished concrete aesthetically pleasing, it is also very durable and requires little maintenance. With polished concrete, there are no waxes that require expensive and ongoing upkeep.

Why polished concrete?

Cost: There are many factors that are considered in pricing. The initial cost is competitive with other flooring options, however, because it reduces maintenance over the lifecycle of a floor, polished concrete has one of the lowest per square foot cost.

Beauty: A highly reflective floor with a large selection of color options

Reduced Maintenance: There are no waxes that require expensive upkeep and are easily damaged.

Stain Resistant
High Durability
Pet and Kid Friendly
Environmentally Friendly
Reduces Lighting Needs
Reduces Energy Cost

Polished floors are found today in homes, industrial facilities, shopping malls, churches, schools, hospitals and just about every other interior use you can imagine.  Next time you go shopping at Home Depot or Lowe's, notice that polished floors can be found in your own back yard! Polished concrete is considered the most environmentally friendly "green" flooring available.  It utilizes the foundation that is there, uses no additional natural resources, and does not have to be removed or replaced with age.

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