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16 Point Star Medallion

9 Ft diameter


Aztec Calendar

4 Ft Diameter

Pinwheel Medallion

4 Ft Diameter

Mariner's Medallion

5 Ft Diameter

Five Point Star

4 Ft Diameter

Running Soldier Course New Brick

Compass Rose Medallion

4 Ft Diameter

12" X 12" Belgium Slate Tile

Herringbone Old

Cobble Stone

Soldier Course Granite

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Borders / Bands

Running Double Soldier Course

New Brick

Bellagio Custom


Soldier Course Used Brick 

Roman Slate Tile Band

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Flaming Sun

3 Ft Diameter

Soldier Course New Brick

Solar Flare

6 Ft Diameter

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Double Soldier Course New Brick

Roman Slate Tile Band

4" x 4" Italian Slate

Old World Compass

8 Ft Diameter

Yin Yang Medallion

4 Ft Diameter

Boardwalk Picture Frame

Medallion-4 Ft Diameter

Nautical Star Medallion

4 Ft Diameter

Popular Stamp Designs

Celtic Star

4 Ft Diameter

Lotus Flower Medallion

4 Ft Diameter

Sun Stamp Medallion

3 Ft Diameter