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Spraymark System

The ACT  Spraymark system is very similar in appearance to the Hallmark system. There are however, a few differences that make the Spraymark system considerably more economical and less labor intensive. 

The two main differences between the Hallmark and Spraymark systems is the Spraymark is applied without the application of a skim coat. In other words, the entire job is simply sprayed 100% over the bare prepped concrete, and then highlighted and sealed. 

Applications best suited for the Spraymark system are those that require little if any concrete repairs and few serious cracks. Cracks are addressed by simply sponging grout directly into the crack before spraying. 

Generally, the Spraymark system does not incorporate any patterns due to the lack of a skim coat. However, patterns can be taped out on the bare concrete prior to spraying. 

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